Pilar Bande – Creative Director

Pilar Bande is a graduate in Fashion Design from the Marangoni Institute in Milan (Italy), postgraduate as Fashion Expert: Design, Production and Communication from the University of A Coruña (Spain), and specialised in artistic fabric treatment at Central Saint Martins of London (United Kingdom).

Since 1997 she has been the creative director of her brand of the same name, in which she designs unique pieces fused with traditional craftsmanship and traditional tailoring together with the latest trends. Each garment is made as if it were a little jewel in the ‘atelier’; an exposition space with a personality conceived as a laboratory of ideas where heritage merges with a visionary spirit.

In 2010, she expanded her universe with a study of design, products and trends where she collaborates with national and international brands, managing both creativity and the development of products for men and women. Inside, she carries out a comprehensive review of processes to adapt them to the needs of the industry in the 21st century.

With a clear commitment to ‘soft luxury’, personalisation and sustainable fashion, Pilar sees her profession as an entirety spinning in search of beauty. Balance and proportion are reflected in the care for detail, quality and mastery of technique.

“I want to create a fashion with its own language. Garments with character and attitude for a free-spirited, sensitive modern woman, and admirer of all things beautiful. Exquisite, delicate and timeless pieces”.

Pilar Bande